Videography and Trial Presentation

Through National Video Reporters, Inc., FAB is pleased to offer the highest-quality video services in Boston. Why does FAB use NVR? Because they do it right – the first time. They have meticulous QC to precisely synchronize your transcripts to the video and provide all the files types required for litigation software.

National Video Reporters is New England's largest and most experienced legal video firm. Legal videography is not an ancillary offering; it's their livelihood. Their professional staff of Certified Legal Video Specialists engages in extensive, ongoing training to ensure a thorough mastery of audio-visual technology in the legal environment.

When the time comes for trial, their trial presentation specialists work with you to ensure a smooth and professional presentation. They will provide the most appropriate equipment and method of presentation, whether that is an Elmo Visual Presenter, interactive trial-presentation software, or the simple playback of video.

If you would like to know more about National Video Reporters, visit their website at

We would be pleased to schedule a National videographer for you at the same time we schedule your FAB court reporter. There’s no need to place two calls.