Rough Drafts – Expedited Transcripts

FAB’s rough draft service allows you to review an edited rough draft of the day’s testimony shortly after the conclusion of the hearing or deposition. Do you need to prepare for tomorrow's examination? Do you need to discuss today's testimony with your client or expert consultant? A FAB rough draft sent via email provides you that opportunity at a fraction of the cost of expedited transcripts.

The same highly developed skills and knowledge that make FAB reporters the leaders in the provision of interactive realtime also make us the leaders in the provision of a rough draft. The exceptional reporters that FAB assigns to your job can provide remarkably accurate rough drafts, edited for you in very little time. For those times when you and/or your client need a quick record for your use, FAB’s rough draft service is a useful and economical tool.

Of course, there will always be times when you need an expedited final transcript. Are you preparing a motion with quotations from today's testimony? Do you want to question tomorrow's witness with verbatim quotes from today's witness? When you need expedited delivery of the final transcript, no one provides it more quickly - or with greater accuracy - than FAB reporters.