Farmer Arsenault Brock LLC (FAB) is a full-service court reporting firm in Boston, Massachusetts.

Our combination of topnotch court reporting skills and thorough utilization of computer and telecommunications advances results in transcripts of the highest accuracy, exceptionally fast delivery, and outstanding interactive realtime.

FAB provides a full range of services, including (but certainly not limited to) simultaneous realtime text and video feeds via the Internet, exhibits and videos linked/synch’d to electronic transcripts, and videoconferences over IP. We are big enough to handle cases of any size, while small enough to focus on each client’s individual needs. Our clients are not mere numbers on a spreadsheet.

When you need to schedule a deposition in another state or country, we can call on our extensive network of excellent independent reporting firms to help you engage the best reporter for the job.

Farmer Arsenault Brock: outstanding reporters, technological prowess, commitment to our clients. You can rely on FAB.